Adding mainframe data sets to your data analytics pipeline with Model9 & Amazon QuickSight

About the webinar:

Siloed mainframe data tends to stay locked away quite literally collecting dust in legacy platforms beyond the reach of modern data analytics pipelines. Using the right AWS stack, data engineers, scientists, and decision makers can now easily unlock mainframe data sets to support enterprise data analytics pipelines that power modern initiatives such as machine learning, AI, and business intelligence.

In this webinar, you will learn from Model9 & AWS experts how you can: 

  • Extract, load, and transform mainframe data in a cloud-native deployment on AWS 
  • Unlock raw data as needed for enterprise-wide discovery and access in common data processing formats
  • Use Amazon QuickSight to analyze and visualize this data enabling automated generation of critical business insights
  • Leverage real-world customer success stories in the financial industry

Watch now to learn how your company can benefit from mainframe data intelligence!