A Modern Approach to Managing Mainframe Data on Private Clouds

About the webinar:

Mainframes were designed to handle heavy, mission-critical workloads and they remain the best at doing so even today. But nothing can compete with the scalability of the cloud. That’s why the first step in any mainframe modernization initiative should be a hybrid approach. Learn how using an on-premise private cloud solution like HCP Cloud Scale with Model9 Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe can help manage mainframe data, improve backup and disaster recovery and lower your TCO.

In this webinar, you’ll learn from Model9 & Hitachi Vantara experts: 

  • The attributes of a private cloud 
  • How to move backup and recovery to object storage 
  • How to transform mainframe data off the mainframe for use in analytics

Watch now to learn how you can benefit from a modern mainframe! 

Model9 & Hitachi | Webinar | Managing Mainframe Data on Private Clouds