What You Don't Know About Your Mainframe Backups Could Cost You


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Mainframes are core to many businesses. They are not going anytime soon and they are growing in compute and data. The architecture and infrastructure is an oligopoly of a few vendors such as IBM and CA. That’s great because the environment is highly dependable. But it also means flexibility is limited. One key area governed by such traditional architecture lock-in is data protection. Mainframe data protection can only be done with 3 legacy backup and archive products that consume costly Main CP impacting MLC charges and with Tape compliant proprietary storage devices such as Virtual tape libraries. Most mainframe owners conditioned by this lock-in are unaware :

  • They are paying 3-10x more for storage than they would if they could use commodity open-systems storage
  • They are paying for costly MLc charges impacted by their backup and space management processes - or their teams are juggling and bending over backwards to avoid such impact
  • They are compromising on the number of separate remote backup copies and the frequency of their backups due to cost and complexity of this architecture - so no surprise so many of them are unsure about ability to recover ( see emc survey)
  • Their products are so complex compared to modern backup solutions that they are at risk due to their data protection experts soon retiring ( reference to IBM study about mainframe workforce aging)