Using Model9 backup and recovery for z/OS with Amazon Web Services

Solution Brief

MODEL9 BG FOR AMAZON@2x What's inside

Our patented technology connects the mainframe directly over TCP/IP to cloud storage and allows you to supplement or completely eliminate the need for virtual tape libraries and physical tapes.

With Model9, you can take advantage of any Amazon Cloud Storage product from affordable long-term Amazon Glacier storage to highly durable, scalable, geographically dispersed and flexible low-cost Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) object storage. Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Elastic File System (EFS) are also supported.

Model9 Backup and Recovery for z/OS performs backup, restore, archive (migrate) and automatic recall for all z/OS data sets and volume types, including z/OS UNIX file-level backup and restore, space management and stand-alone restore.

Model9 consolidates the functionality of multiple backup and tape management products into a single solution that dramatically reduces costs and provides either added capabilities such as write once protected copies, or a complete replacement of existing backup and tape management software. It can coexist side-by-side legacy backup and tape management products for simplified migration.