Lack of mid level MFers Millennials and Mainframes: How to Bridge the Gap


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Essential Guide to Hiring Millennials icon The Mainframe Manager's Essential Guide to Hiring Millennials

The numbers are clear and compelling:

  • Mainframe usage is on the rise: By 2019, 64% of mainframe-powered organizations (up from 57% this year) will be running more than half of their business-critical workloads (analytics, blockchain, web, mobile) on the mainframe.
  • Baby-boomers are retiring: 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day.
  • As a result, there are more mainframe jobs than candidates: By 2020, 37,200 new mainframe positions will emerge, yet currently mainframe shops only succeed in replacing one of every three experts who retire.
  • 78% of mainframe organizations are experiencing challenges in hiring millennials and other next-gen software engineers and, in a little more than half of mainframe shops, millennials account for 10% or less of current development staff.

As the manager of a mainframe shop, it is essential that you understand why millennials are not embracing mainframe careers so that you can take appropriate action to hire the best recruits to fill those empty seats.

This blog is a hands-on guide for mainframe managers on how to attract and retain talented, experienced millennials.