Bank improves z/OS backup reliability & simplifies disaster recovery with Model9

case study

casestudy-3 bank improves backup@2x What's inside

The bank’s legacy system relied on backups written to physical
tapes for daily backup and disaster recovery (DR). Due to poor tape
reliability, the need for manual processing and long recovery times,
the system consistently failed to meet its RTO (Restore Time

With Model9, the bank was able to:

  • Improve RTO from a matter of days to hours, for data set restores
  • Improve RPO (Restore Point Objectives) from one week to one day
  •  Reduce billable MSUs (Millions of Service Units) of backup and
    space management by 50%
  • Consolidate backup and tape management products into a single solution
  • Eliminate manual tape processing and logistics
  • Increase backup reliability, by reducing errors by 95% and allowing for remediation with clear error reporting